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10 Industries Perfect for B2B Marketplaces

Online marketplaces, also known as platform companies, are sprouting up everywhere and redefining business in every industry. “The Uber of ….” has become shorthand for tech startups looking to redefine the way everything is delivered.

To date, the majority of marketplaces have opened within the B2C sector.  We believe we are on the edge of a revolution in B2B online sales as marketplace technology turns towards B2B businesses. Below we identify 10 industries perfect for B2B marketplaces to help you take advantage of this game-changing opportunity.

B2B Traders Need Marketplace Solutions With Specific Functionality

However, B2B trading has essential differences with B2C especially the requirement to negotiate on price and order in different quantities. That’s why if you’re a B2B enterprise and are interested in launching a marketplace platform you need a solution that’s been designed from day one with built-in functionality and capability – like SouqBox!

With a particular interest in circular economy models, we have created a list of industries where we believe there is potential for B2B marketplaces to transform and lead change:

B2B Businesses Sectors With Marketplace Opportunities

  • Telecoms & technology equipment
  • WEEE & Battery
  • Construction materials & equipment
  • Automotive parts (including commercial vehicles)
  • Aviation & Marine parts
  • Textiles & apparel
  • Oil & Gas exploration equipment
  • Office furniture, shop fitting & hotel refurbishment
  • Pharma, medical & Lab equipment
  • Wine and spirits

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