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Souqbox has been built so far as a Multi-Instance architecture. That means that each of our clients has an isolated marketplace with its own ‘full stack’ environment ie a live site, a testing site and backup. This is designed for enterprise-grade customers mainly who seek the dedicated experience and support and we call this our Summit offering
SouqBox Summit features
  • Fully branded site – your UI kit and company logos, colours and imagery are used. Souqbox is not shown.
  • Your domain name is shown – this is known as DNS masking & the URL is hidden.
  • Fully branded and customised email templates for all customer outreach.
  • You can develop at your pace – you are in a dedicated instance of souqbox so you won’t be waiting for common features to be released to our source code.
  • Integration – we can custom integrate with any other systems you use (so long as that system has an API).
  • Support can be tailored to your needs and an SLA developed around that.
There are many benefits to this model, however, this comes at an added cost. We always bespoke each build for each client and we can advise an estimate for each. For guidance, we aim to launch a client or under £10,000 and we license fully hosted and supported marketplaces starting at £2000pcm.


In summer 2018 we will be building out our new PAAS offering which we call Base Camp. This is a multitenancy architecture and is the opposite of our summit offering. Here customers will be able to self-serve from the get-go. Youcan set up your own marketplace using our client wizard and tailor the package to your needs.
Pricing has not yet been finalised however it is our intention that there will be no setup fees and you can launch a marketplace and pay monthly. That means there is a very little risk to you and you can test and learn from your customers before you invest in a more enterprise-grade marketplace. If you do decide to move from base camp to summit this will be a much cleaner and cost-effective path.


If you are interested in advance registering for Base Camp and for us to keep you up to date as we approach launch date, click here.
For a discussion about a more bespoke Summit solution for your marketplace please click here